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Head Office
KTL LPG Plant, Golapganj, Sylhet

Welcome to Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Limited (RPGCL)

Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Limited (RPGCL) was established in 1987 as a Company of Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla). Company's objective was to reduce/arrest the air pollution in Dhaka, by popularizing CNG as an alternative fuel in the transport sector through introducing CNG-based transport infrastructure. The Company is also producing LPG, Petrol and Diesel by fractionating of Condensate and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL), this contributing significantly to reduce the import of the fuels in turn saving valuable foreign exchange for the country.

From now on, Our CNG Re-fueling station at Plot # 27, Nikunja # 02, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229 remains open for 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM under Own power source. 

KTL LPG Plant, Golapganj, Sylhet
Condensate Receiving ship, Ashuganj
  Hon'ble Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina
Hon'ble Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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CNG Cylinder Re-testing
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 Tender (s)
Painting works of mechanical parts,pipelines,storage tanks etc. of KTL-LPG Plant, Golapgonj, Syslhet

Procurement of Spare parts for Air compressor

Intelligent FLG Display Transmitter/Controller ক্রয়ের দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি

পুরানো গাড়ি বিক্রয়ের পুন:নিলাম বিজ্ঞপ্তি



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