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Project Title Dhaka Clean Fuel Project
Project Type Completed Project
Project Details

Dhaka Clean Fuel Project (DCFP) is an ADB financed GOB project. The goal of the project is to arrest environment pollution of Dhaka City by developing CNG infrastructure and boosting CNG usage in vehicles, thereby dropping the usage of imported petroleum and saving foreign exchange.

Estimated Cost :

i) Original PP

GOB +ADB = (9900.57+26125.31)= 36025.88
ii) Revised DPP GOB +ADB = (2057.90+12798.50)= 14856.40

Implementation Period :


Date of Commencement Date of Completion
(a) Original: January-2003 December-2006
(b) Latest Revised January-2003 December-2008
(c) Actual January-2003 December-2009

Financing Arrangement (Source-wise) : Asian Deevelopment Bank (ADB) , Nordic Development Fund(NDF) and GOB.

Objective of the Project:

The main objective of the Project is to related the environmental pollution and save foreign exchange by using CNG as a fuel for CNG vehicles from the proposed CNG fuelling stations and using the facility of CNG conversion workshop to convert petrol vehicles into CNG vehicles.

i)  26 CNG filling Stations will be setup by the private operators in any convenient place of the following highway :       Dhaka-Chittagong highway, Dhaka-Sylhet highway, Dhaka Mymensingh highway, Dhaka-Aricha highway, Dhaka-Mawa & Dhaka-Sirajgonj -Bogra highway. RPGCL will be re-lend equivalent amount of money to private commercial banks /leasing companies progressively for disbursement to ultimate borrower for procuring the 26 stations.

ii)   Purchasing of 6000 nos. CNG cylinders (40, 50, 60 & 90 liters water capacity) for petrol vehicles.

iii) Purchasing of 5000 nos. conversion kits for conversion 5000 nos. of petrol vehicles to CNG.

iv) 100 CNG buses will be procured by the private operator. For procurement of buses, RPGCL will be re-lend equivalent amount of money to private commercial banks and leasing companies progressively for disbursement to ultimate borrower.

v)   To procure of tools and necessary equipment for setting up of 1 no. CNG conversion workshop at the leased land from R & H at Dhania.

vi)       Modernization and up-gradation of CNG conversion and repairing workshop of RPGCL at Joarshahara and utilize its facilities as hands on training center.

vii) Consultancy services for preparation of specifications of CNG kits & cylinders, workshop equipments, preparation of Safety Codes & Standards and Rules & Regulations of CNG activities.

viii)Capacity Building and Training Program.


Sl. No. Project Type Project Title
1 Completed Project CNG to Arrest Environment Pollution

2 Completed Project Technical Assistance for strengthening RPGCL through Training on CNG asTransportation Fuel for Environment Improvement”

3 Completed Project Small Scale LPG Plant at Kailashtilla

4 Completed Project CNG Pilot Project

5 Completed Project Installation of Kailashtilla NGL Fractionation Plant (Revised)

6 Completed Project Technical Assistance for Development of Codes and Standards of CNG Refulling Station and Vehicle Conversion Workshop in Bangladesh.

7 Completed Project Dhaka Clean Fuel Project

8 Ongoing Project Techno-Economic Feasibility Study And Engineering Services for Construction of Land Based LNG Terminal at Moheshkhali (North Side of Sonadia Island) Cox's Bazar

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