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The main task of RPGCL Ashugonj installation is to store the by-product condensate (crude oil ) produced at different gas fields of Sylhet region at two storage tanks through north-south pipeline and then to send the condensate to the Eastern Refinery Limited in Chittagong by ship for refining. RPGCL has been delivering condensate from Ashugonj installation since March 01, 2001 . Condensate is being supplied to Ashugonj from Bibiyana and Jalalabad Gas Fields of Chevron and Bianibazar, Kailashtila and Rashidpur of Sylhet Gas Field under Petrobangla through about a 200 km long 6 inch diametre pipe.At present the Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna oil marketing companies are transporting condensate to Eastern Refinery by ship after receiving it from Ashugonj. Condensate is being supplied to Jamuna Oil Company Limited on behave of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) to carry through riverine route to  Eastern   Refinery Limited (ERL), Chittagong for processing. In addition, condensate produced in Moulvibazar and Bangura gas fields are transported to the same installation through lorries and delivered to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) also in the same mode.

Financial Year

Received (Litre) Delivered to Jamuna Oil Company (Litre)
Through 175 km
North - South Pipeline

At Ashugonj Storage Tank

2016-2017 332100000 400000 333300000
2015-2016 215400000 1600000 215400000
2014-2015 85000000 800000 84400000
2013-2014 45400000 160000 47800000
2012-2013 83600000 2500000 83900000
2011-2012 77900000 2800000 79300000
2010-2011 80800000 1400000 80700000
2009-2010 168600000 1400000 170100000
2001-2009 1185600000 2800000 1184100000

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